Geochemie a mineralogie

Basic information

Geochemie a mineralogie („Geochemistry and mineralogy“) is an electronic journal which publishes original articles as well as reviews; the latter, however, must bring substantial amount of new information gained from the summarized data. 

ISSN: 1802-9604

Publisher: Česká geologie, civil society (until 9.6. 2011 Terrigenia, civil society )

Redaction: Mgr. Václav Procházka, Ph.D. (responsible editor), RNDr. Zdeňka Petáková

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Instructions for authors (full text of rules for publishing is available in Czech only)

There are no detailed formal instructions such as formating text, tables and figures.

Please, write separately your previous work citations (or of other authors, if you know about a related work), which deal with the same topic as your contribution and which are not cited in the reference list. This relates also to the work, which is not published yet but it has already been submited for publication. Also please, add to the cited references links to freely (i.e., from every place connected to the internet) accessible full text or abstract of the document, if it exists on the internet, or a link to the homepage of the journal where the abstract/full text can be easily found (preferred in the case of very long links). Write the cited references preferably in the original language. Try to avoid writing „oe, ue“ etc. instead of „ö, ü“ etc. (Instructions how to write easily diacritics of all languages in Roman characters are available!).

An abstract in other language than the main text should be added; it’s also possible to write abstracts in more languages (including the language of the text). The preferred languages are: Czech, Slovak, English, German, Esperanto, Spanish (Russian, French and Polish for the abstract only). For writing in other languages please make an agreement with the editor’s office.

Send your contributions by e-mail to (preferably in Unicode, i.e. UTF-8 encoding), or on a paper to the postal address:  Česká geologie, Pštrossova 16, CZ-11000  Praha 1, Czech Republic. The redaction should inform you within 16 work days if your contribution is accepted for review. The review process lasts at most 70 days. After getting the review(s), the author should send the corrected version within 40 days (if no additional data are required). In case of delay of the author(s), the redaction may reconsider if the contribution is actual enough yet, and eventually even decide to repeat partly or completely the review process. Finally, the editor’s office will publish the corrected contribution within 11 work days, or send it (at most once) to the author for final corrections. In the final text, formatting should be very simple; see the published articles for writing citations. Please write recommended size (in cm) of the images.

If you tried to publish the contribution elsewhere and it was rejected, please inform redaction about that and write what was the reasoning of the rejection. If the author(s) want to publish later the same or very similar contribution elsewhere, it is possible; the conditions (on the part of Geochemie a mineralogie) are just that authors will inform the editor’s office about this plan in advance and that the publication in Geochemie a mineralogie will be cited.

Authors are encouraged to afford their photograph, or at least year of birth. It is the corresponding author’s responsibility to verify that all the co-authors agreed to publish these items.